We bought a 20 year old, original motorhome in March 2018 – a 1999 Country Coach Intrigue and decided to do the Ultimate RV Makeover. We wanted to make "CC" our own ultimate glamping home on wheels, to reflect our personal style, taste and lifestyle.

CC is a high quality motorhome - very high end back in the day, with an original MSRP of $230K twenty years ago. She's in great condition and has great "bones. This highway princess just needs some "RV Love" to restore a new level of modern day beauty and function. We also want to equip her with some new technologies that will empower us to camp off-grid more, in scenic locations.

One of the first things we did was replace the old RV fridge with a residential refrigerator. We added 1,020 watts of Zamp Solar Panels, to 6 x 100AH Battle Born Lithium Batteries, and a Victron Inverter and Solar Charger Controller. We can monitor and control this from an app on our iPhones.

We lived in CC for 4 months to get a sense of what worked and what didn't, before diving into our Ultimate RV Makeover in July 2018. 

We drove to eastern Oregon, set up camp on a friend's property, and did the entire renovation off-grid - power tools, appliances and all - completely powered by solar and our lithium batteries. We didn't plug into the electrical grid during the 7 weeks we were there.

We knew this was going to be a big job and we couldn't do it alone... so we called Julie's good friend - Australian interior designer Jane Brown of JaneBrownInteriors.com - for help. Jane flew out and stayed in a camper on site to help us with the renovation.

Marc did all of the building and construction work, with the help of Jane and Julie, who captured the makeover with video and photography. Our amazing hosts Brett and Danelle Hays helped too - installing flooring, fantastic fans, faucets, recovering window valances - and fed us amazing food every night. 

Jane knows us well, and came up with a design theme and color palette that perfectly reflects our style, while also pushing our boundaries to be a little more adventurous with many of the choices... we trusted her and as it turns out, she was right. She had a vision for CC that we could not yet see, and her design expertise and guidance is what made all the difference in linking all of the elements to make CC look and feel simply amazing.

The bulk of the remodel took place over 3 weeks, but with the punch list and finer details, planning, shopping etc, was closer to 6 or 7 weeks all up. However, we worked 16 hour days (20 on a few occasions) during that 3 week push to get CC finished before Jane left the USA. It was ambitious but we pulled it off. We would recommend others allow more time for a project like this.

We absolutely love our new home on wheels, and being able to take our beautiful home with us as we explore the country and living our RV dream.

Follow us at www.RVLove.com and www.YouTube.com/rvlove to watch CC's transformation as we embark on the uLtimate RV Makeover Series!

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